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The TransformingTransport Project – Mobility Meets Big Data

Rodrigo Castiñeira; Andreas Metzger

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  "description": "<p>Big data is expected to have a profound economic and societal impact in mobility and logistics. Examples in-clude 500 billion USD in value worldwide in the form of time and fuel savings, and savings of 380 megatons CO2. With freight transport activities projected to increase by 40% in 2030, transforming the current mobility and logistics processes to become significantly more efficient, will have a profound impact. A 10% efficiency improvement may lead to EU cost savings of 100 billion EUR. Despite these promises, interestingly only few mobility and logistics companies employ big data solutions as part of value creation and business processes.<br>\nThe TransformingTransport project ( will demonstrate, in a realistic, meas-urable, and replicable way the transformations that big data can bring to the mobility and logistics market. Struc-tured into 13 different pilots, which cover areas of major importance for the mobility and logistics sector in Eu-rope, TransformingTransport validates the technical and economic viability of big data to reshape transport pro-cesses and services. To this end, TransformingTransport exploits access to industrial data sets from over 160 data sources, totalling 410,000 GB.<br>\nStarting with the explanation the structure and aims of the 13 pilots, we provide the key main characteristics of the involved data sets in terms of variety, volume, and velocity. We explain the methodology of the project to achieve replicability and scalability of its results in particular to cope with data volume and velocity. We provide concrete examples for the innovation potential and impact of the project outcomes, including gains in operational efficiency, improved customer experience and new business models made possible when mobility meets big data. We conclude with a critical discussion on data management concerns.</p>", 
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      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Rodrigo Casti\u00f1eira"
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      "name": "Andreas Metzger"
  "headline": "The TransformingTransport Project \u2013 Mobility Meets Big Data", 
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  "datePublished": "2018-04-16", 
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    "Big data; efficiency; customer satisfaction; business models; freight; passenger transport; railways; inland water and sea transport; air transport; logistics"
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  "@type": "ScholarlyArticle", 
  "name": "The TransformingTransport Project \u2013 Mobility Meets Big Data"
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