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Failure Analysis in Conceptual Phase toward a Robust Design: Case Study in Monopropellant Propulsion System

Elham Keshavarzi; Kai Goebel; Irem Y. Tumer; Christopher Hoyle

As a system becomes more complex, the uncertainty in the operating conditions increases. In such a system, implementing a precise failure analysis in early design stage is vital. However, there is a lack of applicable methodology that shows how to implement failure analysis in the early design phase to achieve a robust design. The main purpose of this paper is to present a framework to design a complex engineered system resistant against various factors that may cause failures, when design process is in the conceptual phase and information about detailed system and component is unavailable. Within this framework, we generate a population of feasible designs from a seed functional model, and simulate and classified failure scenarios. We also develop a design selection function to compare robust score for candidate designs, and produce a preference ranking. We implement the proposed method on the design of an aerospace monopropellant propulsion system.
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