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Long-Term Wi-Fi fingerprinting dataset and supporting material

Mendoza-Silva, Germán Martín; Richter, Philipp; Torres-Sospedra, Joaquín; Lohan, Elena Simona; Huerta, Joaquín

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  year         = 2018,
  note         = {{Measurements for version  1  were collected using 
                   a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone during 15 months.
                   Version 2 includes 10 additional months of
                   measurements and also contains measurements
                   collected using a newer device, a Samsung Galaxy
                   A5 (2017) smartphone. The new device measurements
                   correspond to the last measurement campaign,
                   specifically training 2 file and test 6-10 files
                   gathered in month 25.  The scripts remain
                   unchanged, since they were created as supporting
                   materials for the paper published in data (see
                   citation request).  Germán M. Mendoza-Silva
                   gratefully acknowledges funding from grant
                   PREDOC/2016/55 by Universitat Jaume I.}},
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