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Data from: Dating and morphostratigraphy of uplifted marine terraces in the Makran subduction zone (Iran)

Normand, Raphaël; Simpson, Guy; Herman, Frédéric; Biswas, Rabiul Haque; Bahroudi, Abbas; Schneider, Bastian

This data comes from the study of marine terraces from the Iranian Makran
A_files are seven terrace maps of the region of Jask, Tang, Gurdim, Konarak, Chabahar-Ramin, Lipar and Pasabander.
B_file are results of Radiocarbon and 230Th/U dating of mollusk shells from the marine deposits above the terraces.
C_file are results of Optically Stimulated Luminescence dating (OSL) of said deposits.
D_files are field pictures.
The data is published in support for the paper mentioned in the title (submitted to Earth Surface Dynamics).

Brief description:
Terrace maps are accompanied with a datamodel excel file explaining the different GIS layers.
The maps are provided in both .KMZ files (for Google Earth) and Shapefiles

Radiometric (i.e. both Radiocarbon and 230Th/U) analytical details are provided, together with XRD analysis of the Aragonitic shells and some SEM pictures of both Aragonitic and Calcitic shells. Method details are in the paper.

OSL results are provided with the analytical details, such as: Environmental dose parameters, OSL raw measurements (out of the machine), OSL Histograms, Dose-Recovery tests and Fading test results. Method details are in the paper.

Additional field pictures are provided with their legends (.txt file) and geolocalisation (.kmz file).

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