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has2k1/plotnine: v0.5.0

Hassan Kibirige; Greg Lamp; Jan Katins; Austin O.; gdowding; Tyler Funnell; matthias-k; Jonas Arnfred; Dan Blanchard; Eric Chiang; Sergey Astanin; Paul Natsuo Kishimoto; Evan Sheehan; stonebig; Robert Gibboni; Bernard Willers; Pavel; Yaroslav Halchenko; smutch; zachcp; John Collins; Min RK; Hadley Wickham; guoci; Duncan Brian; Div Arora; Dan Brown; Dan Becker; Bevan Koopman; Anthony

A copy of the changelog is pasted below.

API Changes
  • Plotnine 0.5.0 only supports Python 3.5 and higher
  • geopandas has been removed as a requirement for installation. Users of geom_map will have to install it separately. (178)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where with the subplots_adjust themeable could not be used to set the wspace and hspace Matplotlib subplot parameters. (185)
  • Fixed in stat_bin where setting custom limits for the scale leads to an error. (189)
  • Fixed issue interactive plots where the x & y coordinates of the mouse do not show. (187)
  • Fixed bug in geom_abline where passing the mapping as a keyword parameter lead to a wrong plot. (196)
  • Fixed issue where minor_breaks for tranformed scaled would have to be given in the transformed coordinates. Know they are given the data coordinates just like the major breaks.
  • For all geoms, with coord_cartesian float('inf') or np.inf are interpreted as the boundary of the plot panel.
  • Discrete scales now show missing data (None and nan). This behaviour is controlled by the new na_translate option.
  • The minor_breaks parameter for continuous scales can now be given as an integer. An integer is taken to controll the number of minor breaks between any set of major breaks.

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