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Jason Priem; Heather Piwowar

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  "description": "<p>This talk discusses &ldquo;Get The Research,&rdquo; a new project to build a free, open-source search engine to help regular people find, read, and understand the scholarly literature. Get The Research is built on the 20M OA resources in the Unpaywall database. It supports a search experience tailored to non-academic users, by offering a simple clean interface, search suggestions, jargon translation, multiple languages, and--most importantly--a corpus that&rsquo;s 100% free to read by everyone.</p>\n\n<p>COI Statement: OpenAlex is a free, open-source project of the nonprofit Impactstory, which the presenter is a cofounder of.</p>", 
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      "name": "Jason Priem"
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      "name": "Heather Piwowar"
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  "datePublished": "2018-10-12", 
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  "name": "#omg #OA #search #foreveryone #lit \ud83d\udd25"
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