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sjPlot - Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science.

Daniel Lüdecke

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  <dc:creator>Daniel Lüdecke</dc:creator>

	sjp.scatter() was revised and renamed to plot_scatter(). plot_scatter() is pipe-friendly, and also works on grouped data frames.
	sjp.gpt() was revised and renamed to plot_gpt(). plot_gpt() is pipe-friendly, and also works on grouped data frames.
	Reduce package dependencies.

Renamed functions

	sjp.scatter() was renamed to plot_scatter().
	sjp.likert() was renamed to plot_likert().
	sjp.gpt() was renamed to plot_gpt().
	sjp.resid() was renamed to plot_residuals().

Changes to functions

	Improved support for brmsfit-objects with categorical-family for plot_model() and tab_model().
	tab_model() gets a show.adj.icc-argument, to also show the adjusted ICC for mixed models.
	tab_model() gets a col.order-argument, reorder the table columns.
	Argument hide.progress in view_df() is deprecated. Please use verbose now.
	The statistics-argument in sjt.xtab() gets a "fisher"-option, to force Fisher's Exact Test to be used.

Removed / Defunct

Following functions are now defunct:

	sjp.lm(), sjp.glm(), sjp.lmer(), sjp.glmer() and Please use plot_model() instead.
	sjt.frq(). Please use sjmisc::frq(out = "v") instead.

Bug fixes

	Due to changes in the broom and lmerTest packages, tidiers did no longer work for lmerModLmerTest objects.
	Fix issue with standardized coefficient (argument show.std) in tab_model().
  <dc:title>sjPlot - Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science.</dc:title>
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