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Long Term Storage of Bacterial Strains


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  "abstract": "**Time required:**\n\nCells are grown 6 hours to overnight; a total of less than 5 minutes bench time for each strain.\n\n### Procedure:\n\n**Day 1**\n\n1. Inoculate a 15 ml culture tube containing 5 ml of LBM or LBM+antibiotic selective medium with a freshly grown isolated colony. Incubate at 37 degrees C until culture is in late log or stationary phase (usually 5 hours to overnight).\n\n\n**Day 2**\n\n1. For each strain to be stored at -80 degrees C for the archives prepare a sterile labeled cryovial. Pipet 225 ul sterile 80% glycerol into the cryovial. Add 1.0 ml of the bacterial culture (frozen stock will be 15% glycerol). Mix well (vortex) and place tube at -80 degrees C.\n- For each strain to be stored at -20 degrees C as a liquid glycerol " working" stock pipet equal volumes 80% glycerol and bacterial culture into a labeled polypropylene tube. Mix the contents well (if not well mixed ice crystals will form decreasing the viability of the cells). Place the tube in a -20 degrees C freezer. If possible check the viability of the cells after 1 week.\n\n\nTo recover a strain from the -80 degrees C glycerol stock use a sterile toothpick to scrape some of the ice then streak out the cells on the appropriate medium e.g. LBM + ampicillin. Do not thaw the frozen stocks because each freeze-thaw cycle will result in a 50% loss in cell viability.\n\nTo use the -20 degrees C working stocks pipet 50 to 100 ul as inoculum for a 5 ml overnight culture.", 
  "title": "Long Term Storage of Bacterial Strains", 
  "type": "article-journal", 
  "id": "13545"
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