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Development of a Robot Assisted Centrifugal Casting Machine for Manufacturing Multi-Layer Journal Bearing and High-Tech Machine Components

Mohammad Syed Ali Molla; Mohammed Azim; Mohammad Esharuzzaman

Centrifugal-casting machine is used in manufacturing
special machine components like multi-layer journal bearing used in
all internal combustion engine, steam, gas turbine and air craft turboengine
where isotropic properties and high precisions are desired.
Moreover, this machine can be used in manufacturing thin wall hightech
machine components like cylinder liners and piston rings of IC
engine and other machine parts like sleeves, and bushes. Heavy-duty
machine component like railway wheel can also be prepared by
centrifugal casting. A lot of technological developments are required
in casting process for production of good casted machine body and
machine parts. Usually defects like blowholes, surface roughness,
chilled surface etc. are found in sand casted machine parts. But these
can be removed by centrifugal casting machine using rotating
metallic die. Moreover, die rotation, its temperature control, and good
pouring practice can contribute to the quality of casting because of
the fact that the soundness of a casting in large part depends upon
how the metal enters into the mold or dies and solidifies. Poor
pouring practice leads to variety of casting defects such as
temperature loss, low quality casting, excessive turbulence, over
pouring etc. Besides these, handling of molten metal is very
unsecured and dangerous for the workers. In order to get rid of all
these problems, the need of an automatic pouring device arises. In
this research work, a robot assisted pouring device and a centrifugal
casting machine are designed, developed constructed and tested
experimentally which are found to work satisfactorily. The robot
assisted pouring device is further modified and developed for using it
in actual metal casting process. Lot of settings and tests are required
to control the system and ultimately it can be used in automation of
centrifugal casting machine to produce high-tech machine parts with
desired precision.

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