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Analysis code for paper: Changes in clouds and thermodynamics under solar geoengineering and implications for required solar reduction

Russotto, Rick

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  "description": "<p>Analysis and plotting scripts&nbsp;for paper by R.D. Russotto and T.P. Ackerman in&nbsp;<em>Atmos. Chem. Phys.</em>&nbsp;special issue on the Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project.</p>\n\n<p>DOI for paper:&nbsp;<a href=\"\">10.5194/acp-2018-345</a></p>\n\n<p>Python code was written by Rick Russotto. The module was based in part on Matlab scripts provided by Yen-Ting Hwang. The vertical regridding code was based in part on the &quot;convert_sigma_to_pres&quot;&nbsp;algorithm by Dan Vimont, available at&nbsp;<a href=\"\"></a>.</p>\n\n<p>If you use any of this code, please acknowledge where it came from.</p>\n\n<p>Python scripts were run using Python 2.7.9. Versions of packages used:&nbsp;<br>\n-Matplotlib 1.5.1&nbsp;<br>\n-NumPy 1.8.2&nbsp;<br>\n-NetCDF4 1.1.0</p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p>Which scripts make which figures in the paper:</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figure 1:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figure 2:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figure 3:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figure 4:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figure 5:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figure 6:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figure 7:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figures 8, S9, S10, S11:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figures 9, S12:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figures 10, 11:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figures S1, S2, S3:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figures S4, S5:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figures S6, S7, S8:&nbsp;</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Figure S13:</strong><br>\</p>\n\n<p><strong>Other scripts and modules that the above scripts depend on:&nbsp;</strong><br>\;<br>\;<br>\;<br>\;<br>\;<br>\;<br>\;<br>\;</p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p>A standalone version of the APRP code can be found at&nbsp;<a href=\"\"></a>, with further documentation.</p>", 
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      "affiliation": "University of Washington", 
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      "name": "Russotto, Rick"
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  "datePublished": "2018-08-03", 
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  "@type": "SoftwareSourceCode", 
  "name": "Analysis code for paper: Changes in clouds and thermodynamics under solar geoengineering and implications for required solar reduction"
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