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A Linear Approach to Improving the Accuracy of City Planning and OpenStreetMap Road Datasets

Noskov, Alexey; Doytsher, Yerach

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  <identifier identifierType="DOI">10.5281/zenodo.1314636</identifier>
      <creatorName>Noskov, Alexey</creatorName>
      <nameIdentifier nameIdentifierScheme="ORCID" schemeURI="">0000-0003-0503-6558</nameIdentifier>
      <affiliation>Technion – Israel Institute of Technology</affiliation>
      <creatorName>Doytsher, Yerach</creatorName>
      <nameIdentifier nameIdentifierScheme="ORCID" schemeURI="">0000-0001-7110-7962</nameIdentifier>
      <affiliation>Technion – Israel Institute of Technology</affiliation>
    <title>A Linear Approach to Improving the Accuracy of City Planning and OpenStreetMap Road Datasets</title>
    <subject>Geometry spatial data integration</subject>
    <subject>shortest path</subject>
    <subject>road layers</subject>
    <subject>city planning and cadastral datasets</subject>
    <date dateType="Issued">2017-03-01</date>
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    <rights rightsURI="info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess">Open Access</rights>
    <description descriptionType="Abstract">&lt;p&gt;The developed method allows the user to integrate polygonal or linear datasets. Most existing approaches do not work well in the case of partial equality of polygons or polylines. The suggested method consists of two phases: searching for counterpart boundaries or polylines by a triangulation, and rectifying objects without correspondent polylines by a transformation and a shortest path algorithm. Data covering the Haifa region of Israel have been used for evaluation of the approach. City Planning datasets have been rectified by precise cadastre data. Positional accuracy of the City Planning datasets has been increased significantly. Average distance between segments of the datasets has been decreased in almost five times. Standard deviation has been decreased by thirty-five percent. In addition, more complete road layer of OpenStreetMap covering the city has been rectified by a more precise statutory road layer. Positional accuracy of the rectified layer has been improved significantly. The rectified layer has been utilized to prepare a large-scale map depicting roads with individual widths and statutory buildings. OpenStreetMap rasterization rules have been applied for road widths calculation. The prepared map depicts real-size buildings and roads&amp;rsquo; widths in scale.&lt;/p&gt;</description>
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