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A Linear Approach for Spatial Data Integration

Noskov, Alexey; Doytsher, Yerach

The developed method allows the user to integrate polygonal or linear datasets. Most existing approaches do not work well in the case of partial equality of polygons. The suggested method consists of two phases: searching for counterpart boundaries or polylines by triangulation, and rectifying objects without correspondent polylines by a transformation and a shortest path algorithm. At the first phase, middle points of polygon boundaries are used to implement the triangulation. In order to define correspondent boundaries, the polylines of the two datasets which are connected by triangles are compared based on the lengths of lines and the distances between the nodes. At the second phase, vertices of the polylines without counterparts are shifted with respect to the lengths of the shortest distances to the nodes of the polylines with counterpart. The method is effective for pairs of datasets with different degrees of accuracy. Less accurate datasets use precise elements of other datasets for integration and improvement of their accuracy. The resulting data are well integrated with a more accurate map. A review implemented by specialists enables us to say that the results are satisfactory.

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