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sjPlot - Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science.

Daniel Lüdecke

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  <dc:creator>Daniel Lüdecke</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>New functions

	tab_model() as replacement for sjt.lm(), sjt.glm(), sjt.lmer() and sjt.glmer(). Furthermore, tab_model() is designed to work with the same model-objects as plot_model().
	New colour scales for ggplot-objects: scale_fill_sjplot() and scale_color_sjplot(). These provide predifined colour palettes from this package.
	show_sjplot_pals() to show all predefined colour palettes provided by this package.
	sjplot_pal() to return colour values of a specific palette.


Following functions are now deprecated:

	sjp.lm(), sjp.glm(), sjp.lmer(), sjp.glmer() and Please use plot_model() instead.
	sjt.frq(). Please use sjmisc::frq(out = "v") instead.

Removed / Defunct

Following functions are now defunct:

	sjt.grpmean(), sjt.mwu() and sjt.df(). The replacements are sjstats::grpmean(), sjstats::mwu() and tab_df() resp. tab_dfs().

Changes to functions

	plot_model() and plot_models() get a prefix.labels-argument, to prefix automatically retrieved term labels with either the related variable name or label.
	plot_model() gets a show.zeroinf-argument to show or hide the zero-inflation-part of models in the plot.
	plot_model() gets a jitter-argument to add some random variation to data points for those plot types that accept = TRUE.
	plot_model() gets a legend.title-argument to define the legend title for plots that display a legend.
	plot_model() now passes more arguments in ... down to ggeffects::plot() for marginal effects plots.
	plot_model() now plots the zero-inflated part of the model for brmsfit-objects.
	plot_model() now plots multivariate response models, i.e. models with multiple outcomes.
	Diagnostic plots in plot_model() (type = "diag") can now also be used with brmsfit-objects.
	Axis limits of diagnostic plots in plot_model() (type = "diag") for Stan-models (brmsfit or stanreg resp. stanfit) can now be set with the axis.lim-argument.
	The grid.breaks-argument for plot_model() and plot_models() now also takes a vector of values to directly define the grid breaks for the plot.
	Better default calculation for grid breaks in plot_model() and plot_models() when the grid.breaks-argument is of length one.
	The terms-argument for plot_model() now also allows the specification of a range of numeric values in square brackets for marginal effects plots, e.g. terms = "age [30:50]" or terms = "age [pretty]".
	For coefficient-plots, the terms- and rm.terms-arguments for plot_model() now also allows specification of factor levels for categorical terms. Coefficients for the indicted factor levels are kept resp. removed (see ?plot_model for details).
	plot_model() now supports clmm-objects (package ordinal).
	plot_model(type = "diag") now also shows random-effects QQ-plots for glmmTMB-models, and also plots random-effects QQ-plots for all random effects (if model has more than one random effect term).

Bug fixes

	plot_model(type = "re") now supports standard errors and confidence intervals for glmmTMB-objects.
	Fixed typo for glmmTMB-tidier, which may have returned wrong data for zero-inflation part of model.
	Multiple random intercepts for multilevel models fitted with brms area now shown in each own facet per intercept.
	Remove unnecessary warning in sjp.likert() for uneven category count when neutral category is specified.
	plot_model(type = "int") could not automatically select mdrt.values properly for non-integer variables.
	sjp.grpfrq() now correctly uses the complete space in facets when facet.grid = TRUE.
	sjp.grpfrq(type = "boxplot") did not correctly label the x-axis when one category had no elements in a vector.
	Problems with German umlauts when printing HTML tables were fixed.
  <dc:title>sjPlot - Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science.</dc:title>
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