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Carrier Frequency and Bandwidth Estimation of Cyclostationary Multiband Signals

Deborah Cohen, Liad Pollak and Yonina C. Eldar


Communication signals are often cyclostationary, that is

they have statistical characteristics that vary periodically in time. The

cyclic spectrum, a characteristic function of such signals, exhibits spectral

peaks at certain locations, called cyclic frequencies. These locations as

well as the cyclic spectrum support are defined by the signal parameters,

in particular carrier frequency, bandwidth and symbol rate. In this

paper, we propose an estimation algorithm that extracts these from

the signal cyclic spectrum. This algorithm can be applied to multiband

signals, namely signals composed of more than one transmission. Prior to

parameter estimation, the number of signals is first estimated. Exploiting

the cyclostationarity of communication signals improves the robustness to

noise of the parameter estimation. In particular, the proposed algorithm

can be used for Cognitive Radios, which traditionally deal with low signal

to noise ratios multiband signals, for spectrum sensing purposes by estimating

the carrier frequencies and bandwidths. Simulations demonstrate

estimation from synthesized and RF Nyquist samples as well as sub-

Nyquist samples.

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