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AGINFRA PLUS D8.1 - Dissemination & Awareness Plan

Zervas, Panagiotis

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  "description": "<p>The dissemination plan of AGINFRA PLUS aims to give a general scope of the activities that will be<br>\nundertaken during the project lifetime, as well as the way in which they will serve to make the project<br>\nresults available to the identified target groups. The document goes through the strategy that will be<br>\nfollowed by the consortium in order to communicate the project&rsquo;s objectives. This will be performed<br>\nthrough a variety of dissemination channels, such as the project&rsquo;s website and social media as well as a<br>\nset of public activities and events. For that purpose specific materials and tools will be used by the<br>\nproject partners. Moreover, the responsibilities of each consortium partner are extensively analysed in<br>\ntandem with the key performance indicators that will be used to assess the effectiveness of each<br>\nperformed action. It should be pointed out, that this is a living document, which will be fine-tuned<br>\naccordingly in a regular basis as the project evolves.</p>", 
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      "name": "Zervas, Panagiotis"
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  "datePublished": "2017-03-31", 
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    "living document; dissemination channels; key performance indicators"
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  "name": "AGINFRA PLUS D8.1 - Dissemination & Awareness Plan"
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