Supplementary Data

_Impact of vacuum stability, perturbativity and XENON1T on global fits of Z_2 and Z3 scalar singlet dark matter arXiv:1806.11281

The files in this record contain data for the scalar singlet dark matter models considered in the GAMBIT "Scalar singlet Mark II" paper.

The files consist of

  • 30 regular YAML files
  • StandardModel_SLHA2_scan.yaml, a universal YAML fragment included from the other YAML files
  • 14 hdf5 files. 8 of these correspond to the complete set of combined samples for each fit. These 8 fits are generated from all binary permutations of three run properties: Z2 or Z3 model, with or without absolute vacuum stability demanded, and with constraints from the 2017 or 2018 XENON1T data. These 8 hdf5 files are used to generate the profile likelihood plots in the paper. The other 6 hdf5 files are the results of T-Walk runs, and are used to generate the posterior pdfs in the paper.
  • Some example pip files for producing plots from the hdf5 files using pippi
  • A tarball best_fits_yaml.tar.gz containing YAML files of the best-fit point in each of the 8 fits.

The files follow the naming scheme SingletDM_[model]_[slice]_[vacuum]_[xenon]_[prior]_[scanner].yaml.

  • model: Z2 or Z3
  • slice: full, lowmass, neck or absent (for hdf5 files)
  • vacuum: ms (metastable) or vs (absolute vacuum stability)
  • prior: logmu3, flatmu3 or absent (for Z_2 scans)
  • scanner: TWalk or absent (implies Diver scans in the case of YAML files, and indicates merged
         samples potentially from both Diver and T-Walk in the case of hdf5 files)

A few caveats to keep in mind:

  1. The YAML files are designed to work with GAMBIT 1.2.0, commit e4d3f739, and the pip files are tested with pippi 2.1, commit c094b8c8. They may or may not work with later versions of either software (but you can of course always obtain the version that they do work with via the git history).

  2. The pip files are examples only. Users wishing to reproduce the more advanced plots in any of the GAMBIT papers should contact us for tips or scripts, or experiment for themselves. Many of these scripts are in multiple parts and require undocumented manual interventions and steps in order to implement various plot-specific customisations, so please don't expect the same level of polish as for files provided here or in the GAMBIT repo.