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IRMAS: a dataset for instrument recognition in musical audio signals

Juan J. Bosch; Ferdinand Fuhrmann; Perfecto Herrera

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  "publisher": "Zenodo", 
  "DOI": "10.5281/zenodo.1290750", 
  "title": "IRMAS: a dataset for instrument recognition in musical audio signals", 
  "issued": {
    "date-parts": [
  "abstract": "<p>This dataset includes musical audio excerpts with annotations of the predominant instrument(s) present. It was used for the evaluation in the following article:</p>\n\n<blockquote>\n<p>Bosch, J. J., Janer, J., Fuhrmann, F., &amp; Herrera, P. &ldquo;<a href=\"\">A Comparison of Sound Segregation Techniques for Predominant Instrument Recognition in Musical Audio Signals</a>&rdquo;, in Proc. ISMIR (pp. 559-564), 2012</p>\n</blockquote>\n\n<p>Please Acknowledge IRMAS in Academic Research</p>\n\n<p>IRMAS is intended to be used for training and testing methods for the automatic recognition of predominant instruments in musical audio. The instruments considered are: cello, clarinet, flute, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, organ, piano, saxophone, trumpet, violin, and human singing voice. This dataset is derived from the one compiled by Ferdinand Fuhrmann in his&nbsp;<a href=\"\">PhD thesis</a>, with the difference that we provide audio data in stereo format, the annotations in the testing dataset are limited to specific pitched instruments, and there is a different amount and lenght of excerpts.</p>\n\n<p><strong>Using this dataset</strong></p>\n\n<p>When IRMAS is used for academic research, we would highly appreciate if scientific publications of works partly based on the IRMAS dataset quote the above publication.</p>\n\n<p>We are interested in knowing if you find our datasets useful! If you use our dataset please email us at <a href=\"\"></a> and tell us about your research.</p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p><a href=\"\"> </a></p>", 
  "author": [
      "family": "Juan J. Bosch"
      "family": "Ferdinand Fuhrmann"
      "family": "Perfecto Herrera"
  "id": "1290750", 
  "event-place": "Porto, Portugal", 
  "version": "1.0", 
  "type": "dataset", 
  "event": "13th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2012)"
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