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Neutrino-driven Explosions in 3D Supernova Simulations

Janka, Hans-Thomas

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  <dc:creator>Janka, Hans-Thomas</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>First three-dimensional, first-principle simulations of 
core-collapse supernovae have become possible in the recent past.
They demonstrate the basic viability of the neutrino-driven mechanism
for powering the explosions of the majority of supernova progenitors. 
However, important questions still remain to be settled. These include
basic technical aspects such as the influence of the numerical
resolution or the method of the neutrino-transport treatment,
as well as important physics aspects such as the initial stellar 
conditions and still missing physics, for example effects of muon
formation and neutrino oscillations. The talk will review the current
status of 3D supernova modeling and of our understanding of 
neutrino-driven explosions. It will also provide an outlook
on current progress for answering the open questions mentioned.</dc:description>
  <dc:title>Neutrino-driven Explosions in 3D Supernova Simulations</dc:title>
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