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New Results from the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR Experiment

Guiseppe, Vincente

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  "description": "The MAJORANA Collaboration is searching for neutrinoless double-beta decay in Ge-76 through an array of p-type, point-contact Ge detectors. The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR is comprised of 44 kg (30 kg enriched in Ge-76) of Ge detectors split between two modules contained in a low background shield at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, South Dakota. The initial goals of the DEMONSTRATOR include establishing the required background and scalability of a Ge-based,  ton-scale experiment. The first detector module started low background data production in early 2016 and the second detector module was added in August 2016 to begin operation of the entire array. Our published results from an initial 10 kg-yr of open-data exposure set a half-life lower limit of 1.9x10^25 yr (90% C.L), achieved an unprecedented energy resolution of 2.5 keV FWHM at the double-beta decay Q value of 2039 keV, and measured a very low background rate in the lowest background configuration. Our next data release aims to cover up to 30 kg-yr of total exposure after unblinding. New results and an outlook from the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR experiment will be presented.", 
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      "name": "Guiseppe, Vincente"
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    "name": "XXVIII International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics"
  "name": "New Results from the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR Experiment"
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