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Reading memory formation from the eyes

Anne Urai

Code and data for

Bergt A, Urai AE, Donner TH, Schwabe L (2018) Reading memory formation from the eyes. bioRxiv:268490.

This repository contains

├─ code                 # all matlab code to run the analyses
├─ figures              # final publication-ready figures
├─ stimulus_materials   # image and audio files that were used as stimuli
├─ data                 # raw pupil and behavioral data

To rerun all analyses on the raw data, do the following:

In a0_overview.m, change mypath to the place where all the data are stored. This folder should have the following structure

├── behaviour
│   ├── phase1
│     ├── results           # xls files
│     ├── log               # mat files
│   ├── phase2
│     ├── results           # xls files
│     ├── log               # mat files
├── recall                  # all Bilder.csv and Worter.csv files
├── pupil                   # all converted BeGaze text files, plus output of pupil preprocessing
├── auditory                # output of auditory csv files
├── visual                  # output of visual csv files
├── figures                 # folder for results figures

Then run a0_overview.m to preprocess the pupil data, run analyses and generate figure panels.

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