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On the Relationship of Tornado Path Length and Width to Intensity

Brooks, Harold E.

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    "description": "Reported path lengths and widths of tornadoes have been modeled using Weibull distributions for different Fujita (F) scale values. The fits are good over a wide range of lengths and widths. Path length and width tend to increase with increasing F scale, although the temporal nonstationarity of the data for some parts of the data (such as width of F3 tornadoes) is large enough that caution must be exercised in interpretation of short periods of record. The statistical distributions also demonstrate that, as the length or width increases, the most likely F-scale value associated with the length or width tends to increase. Nevertheless, even for long or wide tornadoes, there is a significant probability of a range of possible F values, so that simple observation of the length or width is insufficient to make an accurate estimate of the F scale.\n\nCorresponding author address: Harold E. Brooks, NOAA/NSSL, 1313 Halley Circle, Norman, OK 73069. Email:", 
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    "title": "On the Relationship of Tornado Path Length and Width to Intensity", 
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