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Observation of nonsequential double ionization of helium with optical tunneling

Fittinghoff, D. N.; Bolton, P. R.; Chang, B.; Kulander, K. C.

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  <dc:creator>Fittinghoff, D. N.</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Bolton, P. R.</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Chang, B.</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Kulander, K. C.</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>We have measured the ion yields for helium ionized by 120 fs, 614 nm laser pulses for intensities near 1016 W/cm2. We have found that for these ultrashort pulses the He+2 data exhibit a feature which saturates in parallel with the He+ signal indicating that the ionization may proceed nonsequentially. We propose a new mechanism, which can exist only in the tunneling regime, for such nonsequential ionization.</dc:description>
  <dc:title>Observation of nonsequential double ionization of helium with optical tunneling</dc:title>
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