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numenta/nupic: 1.0.4

Matthew Taylor; Scott Purdy; breznak; Chetan Surpur; Austin Marshall; David Ragazzi; Subutai Ahmad; numenta-ci; Andrew Malta; Pascal C. Weinberger; Akhila; Marcus Lewis; Richard Crowder; Marion Le Borgne; Yuwei; Christopher Simons; Ryan J. McCall; Mihail Eric; Utensil Song; keithcom; Nathanael Romano; Sagan Bolliger; Luiz Scheinkman; vitaly-krugl; James Bridgewater; Ian Danforth; Jared Weiss; Tom Silver; David Ray; zuhaagha

  • 682fd2e66c6d45912cd9c518106740143eff9fd9 : NUP-2506: Add test to all Serializable subclasses and fix related issues (#3826)
  • a7ab556a64e57064a8febbcf2ee341a1b1ff18ae : NUP-2506: fix traversal limit (#3823)
  • 54e1ffead7a8cedd9a2dab08bb02c7e5e3536bf3 : Added holidays parameter to date encoder (#3822)
  • 9bb7705ebd428e73f6efc180e77f7f127ce67c4d : version lock 'sphinx-autobuild' dependency 'tornado' (#3815)
  • 13c02de82c6bc52afc364fd1fdce88c5fa1aa92c : Update some legacy code examples. (#3814)
  • 33052e10dbe1030929223fc7e54d2d7c8b8a1ced : Fix metric spec schema bug (#3812)
  • 40e216915a172901b5dbe34932543fae68aa3631 : Fix lack of logging in (#3809)
  • d8c740486198a6764b18c73bffe6005988435ac7 : NUP-2487: Update category prediction example
  • 38e40266a7ad2744fce904a02faa383676950e1e : Issue #1380: Update SP parameter validation test checking array dimensions
  • e470860e962db70a2b16c82d1647f10b3e985c42 : numenta/nupic.core#1380: Fix SP tests with correct dtype values
  • 38c9c7e1d7b161d9a4b2378cdae3652af704a481 : Add example for infer as well
  • 94e5f62e669dcbd55268c07b6aa30f391135ab4f : Include example to make isSparse parameter easier to understand
  • ffd1457037a52cb63a7be0cf004e886f3909f505 : Update KNN classifier documentation to make the input pattern requirements clear in both learn and infer
  • 5ecae91017c5f4f68c944a3f5b5d79d1276e2c59 : Changed distribution keyword, casted some attributes to float, removed setting list (#3784)
  • 41e5a6aefc649b08dbe948ba3e1db46f5aaaa603 : Issue #3783: Fixes test to compute pass the probation period (#3786)
  • 7e5f587ecd039520a53a4aa4608eb7ce577654f1 : Updating to XCode 8.3
  • 1aea72abde4457878a16288d6786ffb088f69164 : Update name of nyc_taxi.csv to nycTaxi.csv (#3776)
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