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Mobility and Regional Competitiveness in the Digital Age

Bence Zuti

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    "description": "<p>Digitalization is one of the key drivers of accelerated change in our everyday lives, both on an economic and social level. With solutions enabled through ICT technologies, we are more connected than ever on the global scale. In this next chapter of globalization, we currently experience a significant transition in the structure of industries, consumer behavior and how we collect and manage data. This transition requires a shift in mindset, as we need to reevaluate the key factors of competitiveness, in order to prepare ourselves for rapid and presumably disruptive changes. These changes, however, mean to ease our everyday lives in the long run. The presence of an advanced regional infrastructure is a crucial factor in enhancing the competitiveness of regional economies, hence the opportunities in mobility in the digital age need to be revised. The aim of the paper is to systematize the key connections between digitalization, mobility and regional competitiveness while mapping potential challenges in the topic as well. KEYWORDS: regional competitiveness, digitalization, globalization, regional mobility, urban mobility&nbsp;</p>", 
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    "title": "Mobility and Regional Competitiveness in the Digital Age", 
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        "name": "Bence Zuti"
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