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"Challenge" experiments in a compiled cluster report and final avoidance manual

Reid, David

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  author       = {Reid, David},
  title        = {{"Challenge" experiments in a compiled cluster 
                   report and final avoidance manual}},
  month        = dec,
  year         = 2017,
  note         = {{Highlights: •       Based on the "challenge" 
                   trials there is scope for fishermen to reduce
                   their catches of unwanted fish both in terms of
                   under Minimum Conservation Reference Size quota
                   species, and "choke species" fish; •       The
                   "challenges" allowed fishermen to develop their
                   own solutions or approaches to the problems raised
                   by the Landing Obligation; •       They were able
                   to utilise both gear based approaches (mesh sizes,
                   escape panels and other modifications), and
                   tactical changes (e.g. change of location, fishing
                   deeper, or moving between areas, or changing the
                   time of day of fishing). •       Many of the gear
                   modifications were detailed in the  DiscardLess
                   Avoidance Manual – Deliverable 3.1; •       Most
                   of the "challenge" trials showed that the
                   improvements in selectivity, either through gear
                   or behavioural changes, were generally small, and
                   would not alone prevent unwanted catches under the
                   LO; •       The time scale of the "challenge"
                   trials did not all allow the fishermen to make all
                   the changes they might have wished, both gear and
                   behavioural, but many expressed a desire to
                   continue using, and developing, these methods in
                   the future; •       There were clear indications
                   that all solutions were local in their
                   application. All the fishermen in the "challenges"
                   used different methods of gear or behaviour, which
                   were adapted to the particular fisheries in which
                   they worked. No single approach can then be
                   expected to provide a global solution.}},
  doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.1204253},
  url          = {}
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