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pr-omethe-us/PyKED: v0.4.0

Bryan W. Weber; Kyle Niemeyer; EthanBesse

0.4.0 - 2018-04-07 Added

  • New method to instantiate a ChemKED class directly from a ReSpecTh XML file
  • The __version__ attribute can be imported from the top-level module
  • New time-histories field to replace the volume-history. This field allows specification of several other relevant parameters besides volume.
  • Added rcm-data field and moved compressed-temperature, compressed-pressure, and compression-time to this field
  • Added stroke, clearance, and compression-ratio to the rcm-data field
  • Added conda-forge instructions to the installation documentation
  • Allow alpha versions to be specified during testing
  • Crossref lookups via Habanero now comply with the "be-nice" policy
  • Removed UnboundLocalError from error processing for reference validation
  • Switch to flake8 for style checking in CI services
  • file-author field is now a list called file-authors
  • ReSpecTh->ChemKED converter function now returns a dictionary, while the command-line entry points write out files
  • Require Habanero>=0.6.0 to support the mailto argument
  • Require pytest>=3.2.0 to support the pytest.mark.filterwarnings decorator
  • Deprecate the volume-history field in the ChemKED YAML file and replace with time-histories
  • ORCID lookups are now done by a function in the local module, removing an external dependency
  • Composition in a DataPoint is now stored in a dictionary of namedtuples (called Composition) rather than a list of dictionaries
  • Crossref lookups in the converters use the common API instance from validation
  • d/dt max extrapolated ignition type can be converted to/from ReSpecTh
  • Tests now check for appropriate warnings and ignore unrelated warnings

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