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Neurosim-lab/netpyne: v0.7.7

Salvador Dura-Bernal; Padraig Gleeson; barefoothiker; Cliff Kerr; William Lytton; Joe Graham; Gil Lee; jchen6727; Lucas; David Kedziora; Adrian Quintana

Version 0.7.7
  • Added LFP recording at arbitrary 3D locations

  • Added plotting of LFP time series, PSD, freq vs time and electrode locations

  • Updates to NeuroML conversion code.

  • ShapePlot now shows segment diameters as linewidths (Python version)

  • Added function to add 3D points (in NEURON+Python) from stylized geometry

  • Connection sec and loc randomly chosen from list when synsPerConn=1

  • Set default NetStim noise to 0.0

  • Fix synMech overwrite when importing multiple hoc/py cell templates

  • Fixed bug importing multiple synMechs from hoc/py cell template

  • Fixed bug using 'variable' NetStim (NSLOC)

  • Fixed save method in NetParams to use ['net']['params']

  • Fixed bug using gap junctions with mpi (multiple cores)

  • Fixed bug when creating conns afger loading json -- needed basestring instead of str

  • Fixed bug when loading json with include format ('pop', 1) -- converted to list so added exception

  • Fixed bug saving to .mat during batch sims

  • Fixed bug in order of unique cell gids in analysis funcs 'include' param

  • Fixed bug gathering data using the cfg.gatherSimOnlyData option

  • Fixed bug where empty sections where created when recording from non-existing sections

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