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Johann-Mattis List

First version of the source code and data accompanying the paper "More on Network Approaches in Historical Chinese Phonology".

This paper is available here:

  • List, Johann-Mattis (2018): More on network approaches in Historical Chinese Phonology (音韻學). Paper prepared for the LFK Society Young Scholars Symposium. Taibei: Li Fang-Kuei Society ofr Chinese Linguistics. URL:
  author      = {List, Johann-Mattis},
  title       = {{More on Network Approaches in Historical Chinese Phonology (音韻學)}},
  booktitle   = {{LFK Society Young Scholars Symposium}},
  year        = {2018},
  publisher   = {Li Fang-Kuei Society for Chinese Linguistics},
  pdf        = {},
  url        = {},
  address     = {Taipei},
  hal_id      = {hal-01706927},

See the for mor information.

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