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ropensci/weathercan: weathercan v0.2.4

Steffi LaZerte; Sam Albers

Now part of!

  • sp moved to suggests, users are now prompted to install sp if they want to search stations by coordinates
  • weather_dl() replaces weather()
  • weather_interp() replaces add_weather()
  • stations_dl() replaces stations_all()
  • tz_calc() replaces get_tz()
  • Internal code modifications to match best practices
Other changes from unreleased 0.2.3 (2017-11-22) Changes
  • Updated stations data
  • Added flags and glossary datasets as well as vignettes
  • stations_search() warns user if name looks like coords
  • stations_search() with coord now returns closest 10 stations
  • add_weather() warns user if trying to interpolate weather from >1 station
  • Updated code to conform with rOpenSci requirements
  • Data downloaded from multiple timezones defaults to UTC
Bug fixes
  • weather(format = FALSE) properly returns data
  • updated weather() to work with lubridate 1.7.1

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