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S. Jyothi Sri* , Dr. K. S. Murali Krishna, D. Kusuma, Ch. Uma Shankar

Oral route is most preferred route by medical practitioners and manufacturer due to highest acceptability of patients. But oral drug delivery systems still need some advancement to be made because of their some drawbacks related to particular class of patients which includes geriatric, pediatric and dysphasic patients associated with many medical conditions as they have difficulty in swallowing or chewing solid dosage forms. The aim of this is to highlight the potential role of fast dissolving drug delivery in achieving effective drug delivery of antihypertensive drug. It gives rapid absorption and instant bioavailability of drugs due to high blood flow. As the fast-dissolving film is taken through the sublingual route, rapid absorption of drug is possible, which finally leads to quick onset of drug action and prevent the first pass-metabolism of the drug. Preformulation studies were done with benazepril(API),polymers were HPMC E5,HPME E3LV,HPME 5CPS,film forming polymer and disintegrate as maltodextrin, plasticizer as PEG, sweetener as aspartame, cooling agent as mannitol,colouring agent as amaranth, salivating agent as citric acid. For above formulations evaluation parameters are (appearance, thickness uniformity, weight uniformity, drug content uniformity, folding endurance, surface pH of film, in vitro disintegration time, in vitro dissolution studies) were placed in pH 1.2(0.1N HCL) and the drug release were conducted. Kinetic data of optimized drug is conducted (zero order kinetics, first order kinetics, Higuchi model, Korsmeyer–Peppas model). Drug was released from the formulation F8 within 9 minutes. Based on the physico-mechanical properties and invitro drug release. Keywords: Anti-hypertensive, benazepril, HPMC E5, HPME E3LV, HPME 5CPS, PEG, pH 1.2, higuchi model, Korsmeyer- peppas model

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