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Fossils, phylogenies, and the challenge of preserving evolutionary history in the face of anthropogenic extinctions

Huang, Danwei; Goldberg, Emma E; Roy, Kaustuv

Datasets and R scripts

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Calibration.xls md5:4d0ac28a7ec876ff5e96b3fed3c724c1 23.0 kB Download
GenBank.xls md5:598466399cb1d92b1197eb5803ce9b3e 20.0 kB Download
Paleotree.R md5:5dd398ca616690ae89db884f7fd70e67 13.4 kB Download
Pectinidae.R md5:d0ed8da6f31a0ac1103789253499e93c 5.7 kB Download
Pectinidae.tre md5:50b26a865d0d597bae3ee7119d553aec 6.2 MB Download
Pectinidae.xml md5:57eaf3be3c8460b9f63e8e976970cadc 1.1 MB Download
SimTreeSDD.dat md5:a15fc159552474e4b88cad7d4a18491a 3.0 kB Download
SimTreeSDD.R md5:0a3bce1b91eba90bdba320c02098a894 14.8 kB Download
Taxa_California.txt md5:18400a0ffe81845f448720159d57e6b1 1.8 kB Download
Taxa_Extinct.txt md5:dcd65bd69ef36e9640c383b814170ef6 842 Bytes Download
Taxa_Pleistocene.txt md5:b98d583269ad4f0ad426f58d7fdd9fbe 488 Bytes Download


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