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Figures 32-35 from: da Silva HAM, Silva-Soares T, de Brito-Gitirana L (2017) Comparative analysis of the integument of different tree frog species from Ololygon and Scinax genera (Anura: Hylidae). Zoologia 34: 1-17.

da Silva, Henrique Alencar Meira; Silva-Soares, Thiago; de Brito-Gitirana, Lycia

Figures 32-35 - Light micrograph of the integument of O. perpusilla: (32) Dorsal region (HE-staining); (33) Dorsal region (AB-method); (34) Ventrolateral region (HE-staining) (35) Ventral region (AB-method). The spongious dermis houses both apocrine glands with heterogeneous content (¬) and serous glands (Ø). Melanophores (_) occur in the dorsal integument, but they are not identified in either the ventrolateral or ventral region. Iridophores did not occur in all integument regions. The EK-layer (Æ) is a well defined continuous layer occurs as irregular deposits between the spongious and compact dermis of the ventral region. Cutaneous elevations (â) are separated by grooves (Ú) in the ventral region. CD = compact dermis.

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