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WhoLoDancE: Deliverable 3.3 - Report on music-dance representation models

Zanoni, Massimiliano; Buccoli, Michele; Sarti, Augusto; Antonacci, Fabio; Whatley, Sarah; Cisneros, Rosemary; Palacio, Pablo

This Deliverable will be based on the outcomes of the task T3.1.3 Joint music-dance representation models. Dance and music are highly dependent in many dance genres: in some genres, dance performances cannot be even executed without a reference music. For this reason, the analysis of the correlation between music and movement is essential in the WhoLoDancE project.

Music and movement are different in nature, so, to study their correlation, we will define two representation models: a music representation model and a movement representation model. The two models are both based on the extraction of a set of representative features able to capture specific aspects of the relative signals. The two models are then used to study the dependence and the interaction between music and movement in two use-cases: Piano&Dancer performance and joint movement-music analysis in Flamenco.

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