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Contribution to the yeast biota of Egypt. Biochemical, molecular characterization and diversity in citrus and grapevine plantations

Soliman, Zeinab; Moubasher, A. H.; Abdel-Sater, M. A.

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  "publisher": "JBBooks", 
  "DOI": "10.5281/zenodo.1127711", 
  "ISBN": "978-83-947078-3-5", 
  "title": "Contribution to the yeast biota of Egypt. Biochemical, molecular characterization and diversity in citrus and grapevine plantations", 
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  "abstract": "<p>ABSTRACT 3<br>\nHISTORICAL REVIEW 5<br>\n1. Air-borne yeast fungi 9<br>\n2. Yeast fungi recovered from soils 10<br>\n3. Phyllosphere and phylloplane yeast fungi 12<br>\n4. Carposphere and carpoplane yeast fungi 13<br>\n5. Yeast fungi recovered from juice 15<br>\nOBJECTIVES OF THIS STUDY 18<br>\nMETHODOLOGY 19<br>\n1. Sampling location 19<br>\n2. Collection of samples 19<br>\n3. Isolation of air-borne yeast fungi 23<br>\n4. Isolation of soil yeast fungi 24<br>\nA. Determination of soil moisture content (MC) 24<br>\nB. Determination of soil pH 24<br>\nC. Isolation of soil yeast fungi 24<br>\n5. Isolation of phyllosphere yeast fungi 25<br>\n6. Isolation of phylloplane yeast fungi 25<br>\n7. Isolation of carposphere yeast fungi 26<br>\n8. Isolation of carpoplane yeast fungi 26<br>\n9. Isolation of juice yeast fungi 26<br>\n10. Media used for isolation of yeast fungi from different sources 27<br>\nA. Dichloran yeast extract malt extract agar (DYM) 27<br>\nB. Dichloran Rose Bengal chloramphenicol agar (DRBC) (King et al. 1979) 27<br>\n11. Identification of yeasts 27<br>\nA. Morphological characters 27<br>\nB. Physiological characters 28<br>\nCOMPARISON BETWEEN YEAST BIOTA RECOVERED FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES OF CITRUS AND GRAPEVINE PLANTATIONS 37<br>\n1. List of identified yeast species 37<br>\n2. Air of citrus and grapevine 39<br>\n3. Soil of citrus and grapevine plantations 40<br>\n4. Phyllosphere of citrus and grapevine 47<br>\n5. Phylloplane of citrus and grapevine 51<br>\n6. Carposphere of citrus and grape fruits 54<br>\n7. Carpoplane of citrus and grape fruits 59<br>\n8. Juice of citrus and grape fruits 62<br>\n9. Yeast fungi associated with different growth stages of leaf and fruit 65<br>\nA. In grape phyllosphere 65<br>\nB. In grape phylloplane 66<br>\nC. In citrus carposphere 67<br>\nD. In citrus carpoplane 67<br>\nE. In grape carposphere 68<br>\nF. In grape carpoplane 69<br>\nDIVERSITY, BIOCHEMICAL AND MOLECULAR CHARACTERISATION OF YEAST SPECIES RECORDED FROM CITRUS AND GRAPEVINE PLANTATIONS 71<br>\n1. Ascomyceteous yeasts 71<br>\nAmbrosiozyma J.P. van der Walt 71<br>\nAureobasidium Viala &amp; Boyer (as Aureobasidium sp.) 71<br>\nCandida Berkhout 71<br>\nDebaryomyces Lodder &amp; Kreger-van Rij 73<br>\nGeotrichum Link 75<br>\nHanseniaspora Berkh. 76<br>\nIssatchenkia Kudriavzev 81<br>\nKlyuveromyces Van der Walt 82<br>\nKodemaea Y. Yamada, Tom. Suzuki, M. Matsuda &amp; Mikata 83<br>\nPichia E. C. Hansen 84<br>\nPhysiological tests 87<br>\nGenotypic identification of ascomyceteous yeasts 90<br>\n2. Basidiomyceteous yeasts 104<br>\nCryptococcus Vuillemin 104<br>\nFilobasidium L. S. Olive 113<br>\nMelanopsichium Beck 113<br>\nPseudozyma Bandoni 113<br>\nRhodotorula F. C. Harrison 115<br>\nRhodosporidium Banno 120<br>\nSporidiobolus Nyland 121<br>\nSporobolomyces roseus Kluyver &amp; van Niel 122<br>\nTrichosporon Behrend 123<br>\nBlack yeasts 132<br>\nSUMMARY 144<br>\nREFERENCES 150</p>", 
  "author": [
      "family": "Soliman, Zeinab"
      "family": "Moubasher, A. H."
      "family": "Abdel-Sater, M. A."
  "publisher_place": "Pozna\u0144, Poland", 
  "type": "book", 
  "id": "1127711"
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