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Material Selection for a Manual Winch Rope Drum

Moses F. Oduori; Enoch K. Musyoka; Thomas O. Mbuya

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    <dct:title>Material Selection for a Manual Winch Rope Drum</dct:title>
    <dct:issued rdf:datatype="">2016</dct:issued>
    <dcat:keyword>Design Decisions</dcat:keyword>
    <dcat:keyword>Materials Selection</dcat:keyword>
    <dcat:keyword>Mechanical Design</dcat:keyword>
    <dcat:keyword>Rope Drum Design.</dcat:keyword>
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    <dct:description>&lt;p&gt;The selection of materials is an essential task in mechanical design processes. This paper sets out to demonstrate the application of analytical decision making during mechanical design and, particularly, in selecting a suitable material for a given application. Equations for the mechanical design of a manual winch rope drum are used to derive quantitative material performance indicators, which are then used in a multiple attribute decision making (MADM) model to rank the candidate materials. Thus, the processing of mechanical design considerations and material properties data into information that is suitable for use in a quantitative materials selection process is demonstrated for the case of a rope drum design. Moreover, Microsoft Excel&lt;sup&gt;&amp;reg;&lt;/sup&gt;, a commonly available computer package, is used in the selection process. The results of the materials selection process are in agreement with current industry practice in rope drum design. The procedure that is demonstrated here should be adaptable to other design situations in which a need arises for the selection of engineering materials, and other engineering entities.&lt;/p&gt;</dct:description>
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