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CryoEM Maps and Associated Data Submitted to the 2015/2016 EMDataBank Map Challenge

Lawson, Catherine; Chiu, Wah; Carragher, Bridget; Carazo, Jose-Maria; Jiang, Wen; Patwardhan, Ardan; Rubinstein, John; Rosenthal, Peter; Sun, Fei; Vonck, Janet; Bai, Xiaochen; Bell, James; Caputo, Nick; Chakraborty, Arka; Chen, Dong-Hua; Chen, James; Diaz-Avalos, Ruben; Donati, Laurene; Estrozi, Leandro; Galaz Montoya, Jesus; Gati, Cornelius; Gomez-Blanco, Josue; Grigorieff, Nikolaus; Gros, Piet; Heymann, Bernard; Leith, ArDean; Li, Fei; Ludtke, Steven; Nans, Andrea; Nilchian, Masih; Punjabi, Ali; Sixma, Titia; Tegunov, Dimitry; Yang, Kailu; Yu, Guimei; Zhang, Junjie; Sala, Raul

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  note         = {{The 2015/2016 Map Challenge was supported by the 
                   US National Institutes of Health / National
                   Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIH/NIGMS)
                   Under Grant Number R01 GM079429 to Wah Chiu (PI).
                   A Directors Award from the UCSD Supercomputer
                   Center provided supercomputer access that was used
                   in 15 of the 66 submitted entries.}},
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