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cytoscape/cytoscape.js v3.2.7

Max Franz; Manfred Cheung; Onur Sumer; Gerardo Huck; Dylan Fong; Tony Mullen; ayhun; metincansiper; Joseph Stahl; Mélanie Gauthier; bumbu; Yaroslav Sidlovsky; Rich Trott; Mike Beynon; Christian Lopes; Rui Cheng; Sebastian Wilzbach; Mike Dias; Gui Meira; Daniel Ryding; Roberto Mosca; Jalil F.; rui-ktei; Peter Smith; Kevin Kirsche; Josh Greenwood; Eric Buchmann; Dominic; Connor Osborn; Alexander Li

Graph theory / network library for analysis and visualisation (supports CommonJS/Node.js/Browserify/Webpack, AMD/Require.js, npm, CDNJS, Bower, jspm, Meteor, jQuery, and plain JS/JavaScript)

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