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Curriculum of Ethical Education in Slovakia

Petra Fridrichová; Eva Balážová

Ethical Education is a compulsorily optional subject in
primary and secondary schools. The Ethical Education objective is
the education of a personality with one´s own identity, with
interiorized ethical standards, with mature moral judgement and
therefore with the behaviour determined by one´s own beliefs; with a
positive attitude to himself/herself and other people and that is why
he/she is able to cooperate and to initiate cooperation. In the paper we
describe the contents and the principles of Ethical education. We also
shows that Ethical education is subject supported primary socialpathological
prevention and education to citizenship. In this context
we try to show that ethical education contributes to the education of
good people who are aware of the necessity to respect social norms
and are able to assume responsibility for their own behaviour in any
situation at present and in the future.

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