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Solar Panel Installations on Existing Structures

Tim D. Sass; Pe; Leed

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  "description": "The rising price of fossil fuels, government incentives\nand growing public aware-ness for the need to implement sustainable\nenergy supplies has resulted in a large in-crease in solar panel\ninstallations across the country. For many sites the most eco-nomical\nsolar panel installation uses existing, southerly facing rooftops.\nAdding solar panels to an existing roof typically means increased\nloads that must be borne by the building-s structural elements. The\nstructural design professional is responsible for ensuring a new solar\npanel installation is properly supported by an existing structure and\nconfigured to maximize energy generation.", 
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  "headline": "Solar Panel Installations on Existing Structures", 
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  "datePublished": "2013-04-20", 
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    "Structural Design."
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  "name": "Solar Panel Installations on Existing Structures"
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