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Value Stream Oriented Inventory Management

GuentherSchuh; Till Potente; SaschaFuchs; Annika Hauptvogel; Tobias Welter

Producing companies aspire to high delivery availability despite appearing disruptions. To ensure high delivery availability safety stocksare required. Howeversafety stock leads to additional capital commitment and compensates disruptions instead of solving the reasons.The intention is to increase the stability in production by configuring the production planning and control systematically. Thus the safety stock can be reduced. The largest proportion of inventory in producing companies is caused by batch inventory, schedule deviations and variability of demand rates.These reasons for high inventory levels can be reduced by configuring the production planning and control specifically. Hence the inventory level can be reduced. This is enabled by synchronizing the lot size straightening the demand as well as optimizing the releasing order, sequencing and capacity control.

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