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A Consistency Protocol Multi-Layer for Replicas Management in Large Scale Systems

Ghalem Belalem; Yahya Slimani

Large scale systems such as computational Grid is a distributed computing infrastructure that can provide globally available network resources. The evolution of information processing systems in Data Grid is characterized by a strong decentralization of data in several fields whose objective is to ensure the availability and the reliability of the data in the reason to provide a fault tolerance and scalability, which cannot be possible only with the use of the techniques of replication. Unfortunately the use of these techniques has a height cost, because it is necessary to maintain consistency between the distributed data. Nevertheless, to agree to live with certain imperfections can improve the performance of the system by improving competition. In this paper, we propose a multi-layer protocol combining the pessimistic and optimistic approaches conceived for the data consistency maintenance in large scale systems. Our approach is based on a hierarchical representation model with tree layers, whose objective is with double vocation, because it initially makes it possible to reduce response times compared to completely pessimistic approach and it the second time to improve the quality of service compared to an optimistic approach.

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