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Advertisement Delivery and Display in Vehicular Networks

C.F. Chiasserini; F. Malandrino; M. Sereno

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      "affiliation": "Universit`a degli Studi di Torino", 
      "name": "M. Sereno"
  "datePublished": "2017-09-01", 
  "description": "<p>Advertisement delivery is expected to play a crucial&nbsp;role in future vehicular networks. In this paper, we address&nbsp;such a problem in vehicular networks, where advertisements&nbsp;(ads) can be broadcasted by roadside units (RSU) as well as&nbsp;vehicles, and then displayed to interested users. We describe the<br>\nadvertisement dissemination process by means of an optimization&nbsp;model that aims at maximizing the number of ads that users&nbsp;display within the target area and validity period of the ad.<br>\nWe then solve the optimization problem, obtaining the optimal&nbsp;scheduling strategy that RSUs and vehicles should adopt for&nbsp;ad broadcasting. Our study highlights the important role that&nbsp;vehicle-to-vehicle communication will have in ads delivery. Also,&nbsp;it shows how coexisting vehicular and cellular networks can<br>\neffectively complement each other, with vehicular networks being&nbsp;a very efficient means for pervasive ad dissemination.</p>", 
  "headline": "Advertisement Delivery and Display in Vehicular Networks", 
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  "name": "Advertisement Delivery and Display in Vehicular Networks", 
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