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Review of the Indo-Pacific Pseudojuloides cerasinus species complex with a description of two new species (Teleostei: Labridae)

Victor, Benjamin C.

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    "doi": "10.5281/zenodo.1068462", 
    "description": "<p>The Pseudojuloides cerasinus species complex is a paradigm of the application of DNA taxonomy to coral-reef fish classification. Once considered a pan-Indo-Pacific species ranging from South Africa to the Hawaiian Islands, P. cerasinus has been divided into three different allopatric species in the Indian Ocean, based on differences in male-display color patterns and relatively deep genetic divergences. In this study, the Pacific Ocean populations are shown to represent four species: the original type population in the Hawaiian Islands; a new western Pacific species Pseudojuloides splendens, ranging from Japan to Australia and across most of the South Pacific; a new species Pseudojuloides polynesica, from French Polynesia and the Line Islands; and Pseudojuloides pyrius Randall &amp; Randall, 1981, endemic to the Marquesas Islands. The mtDNA lineages of the complex diverge from 3.5&ndash;11.3% in the sequence of the mtDNA-barcode marker COI. The species illustrate some of the more interesting phenomena in the evolution of species complexes among coral reef fishes: the species differences are mainly in male-display color patterns, the degree of phenotypic divergence does not correlate with the amount of genetic divergence (the most different-appearing species is one of the least divergent), and a corollary that the various genetic lineages must be distinguished to avoid paraphyly in the taxonomic construct of the species complex. A neighbor-joining tree and genetic distance matrix are presented for the seven species of the P. cerasinus species complex.</p>", 
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      "id": "CC-BY-4.0"
    "title": "Review of the Indo-Pacific Pseudojuloides cerasinus species complex with a description of two new species (Teleostei: Labridae)", 
    "journal": {
      "volume": "29", 
      "pages": "11-31", 
      "title": "Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation"
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      "coral reef fishes", 
      "Indo-Pacific Ocean", 
      "DNA barcoding"
    "publication_date": "2017-11-29", 
    "creators": [
        "affiliation": "Ocean Science Foundation, 4051 Glenwood, Irvine, CA 92604 and Guy Harvey Research Institute, Nova Southeastern University, 8000 North Ocean Drive, Dania Beach, FL 33004", 
        "name": "Victor, Benjamin C."
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