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Project Panormos Archaeological Survey: Photograph Archive (survey-photo-archive)

Wilkinson, Toby C; Slawisch, Anja; Strupler, Néhémie

Çağatay, Çelik; Fine, Lindsey; Loy, Michael; Pala, Cem; Strupler, Néhémie; Wilkinson, Toby C

This forms part of the preliminary open data release for the Project Panormos archaeological survey.

The panormos/survey-photo-archive repository contains the source archive of digital images (primarily photographs) created during the course of the fieldwork for Project Panormos excavations and survey. This includes field photographs taken along with tract and POI data, unprocessed photographs of finds, and occasionally edited, colour- or balance-corrected photographs in an appropriate quality for (re-)publication.

There may be some restrictions on the distribution of images from the original source; such images will not be available in the distribution of "Core" released photographs found here, but may be made available on request. Basic metadata from these images may be available in the associated metadata files nonetheless.

Release 0.1.0 includes data from the 2015 season. It is a pre-publication or observation version. No derivative works should be made until the expiry of the observation phase: please see enclosed LICENSE file for details.

Releases below 1.0.0 represent preprint working datasets before final publication. Although every effort has been made to reduce errors and make the datasets available in a form that should be easy to navigate, the status of the data as a form of "beta" should be borne in mind.

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