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GMOD/Apollo: Apollo2.0.8(JB#d3827c)

Nathan Dunn; Colin Diesh; Deepak; S2KFan; GreggHelt2; Robert Buels; Monica Munoz-Torres; Eric Rasche; Stephen Ficklin; Justin Reese; Anthony Bretaudeau; hsiao yi; NehaVC; luke; Jun-Wei Lin; Eric Y; childers; The Gitter Badger; Liam Gretton; Kim Rutherford; Aymeric Naômé

Official Release

Apollo 2.0.8

Some of the new features include:

  • added ability to annotate canvas BAM tracks
  • expanded track services
  • support for indexed FASTA as a reference sequence

Some important bug fixes:

  • numerous fixes to track web services
  • fixed numerous build issues

Note You will need to install node 6 or better.
Note If updating your jbrowse settings from previous versions in apollo-config.groovy you will need to set the JBrowse to use the currently tagged version or better. If this is commented out, however, the default will work. Note Some issues with new tomcat and addStore / addTracks RFC 7230 and RFC 3986. See

The complete change log can be found at:

Please review the documentation pages for more details:

Note: You can find a guide upgrading existing Apollo installations here:

Please open a GitHub issue if you find any problems:

Active mailing list ( and archive.

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