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rasbt/mlxtend: Version 0.9.1

Sebastian Raschka; Reiichiro Nakano; Will McGinnis; James Bourbeau; chkoar; Pablo Fernandez; Alejandro Correa Bahnsen; Vostretsov Nikita; wahutch; mrkaiser; kernc; jlopezpena; Michael Peters; Mathew Savage; Marc Abramowitz; Konstantinos Paliouras; Joshua Görner; Jelmer Borst; Ilya; Iaroslav Shcherbatyi; hsperr; GILLES Armand; Francis T. O'Donovan; Eike Dehling; Batuhan Bardak; Anton Loss; Anebi Agbo; Ajinkya Kale; Adam Erickson

Version 0.9.1 (2017-11-19) Downloads

New Features
  • Added mlxtend.evaluate.bootstrap_point632_score to evaluate the performance of estimators using the .632 bootstrap. (#283)
  • New max_len parameter for the frequent itemset generation via the apriori function to allow for early stopping. (#270)
  • All feature index tuples in SequentialFeatureSelector or now in sorted order. (#262)
  • The SequentialFeatureSelector now runs the continuation of the floating inclusion/exclusion as described in Novovicova & Kittler (1994). Note that this didn't cause any difference in performance on any of the test scenarios but could lead to better performance in certain edge cases. (#262)
  • utils.Counter now accepts a name variable to help distinguish between multiple counters, time precision can be set with the 'precision' kwarg and the new attribute end_time holds the time the last iteration completed. (#278 via Mathew Savage)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an deprecation error that occured with McNemar test when using SciPy 1.0. (#283)

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