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IAS 41 Implementation Challenges – The Case of Romania

Liliana Feleagă; Niculae Feleagă; Vasile Răileanu

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    <dct:title>IAS 41 Implementation Challenges – The Case of Romania</dct:title>
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    <dcat:keyword>IAS 41</dcat:keyword>
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    <dct:description>Although agriculture is an important part of the world economy, accounting in agriculture still has many shortcomings. The adoption of IAS 41 "Agriculture" has tried to improve this situation and increase the comparability of financial statements of entities in the agricultural sector. Although controversial, IAS 41 is the first step of a consistent transition to fair value assessment in the agricultural sector. The objective of our work is the analysis of IAS 41 and current accounting agricultural situation in Romania. Accounting regulations in Romania are in accordance with European directives and, in many respects, converged with IFRS referential. Provisions of IAS 41, however, are not reflected directly in Romanian regulations. With the increase of forest land transactions, it is expected that recognition and measurement of biological assets under IAS 41 to become a necessity.</dct:description>
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