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National features of speech etiquette

Nacafova S.

The article shows the differences between the speech etiquette of different peoples. The most important thing is to find a common language with this or that interlocutor. Knowledge of national etiquette, national character helps to learn the principles of speech of another nation. The article indicates in which cases certain forms of etiquette considered acceptable. At the same time, the rules of etiquette emphasized in the conduct of a dialogue in official meetings and for example, in the exchange of business cards. Because the prerequisite for the culture of the language is conversational etiquette. These norms formed during a long historical period. The position of etiquette is to alienate people from unnecessary or not natural conversations. Since ancient times, people are looking for the answer to the question "How should a person behave with etiquette" and concerned with the origins of morality and essence. The words in the work of the great scholar Nasreddin Tusi "Moral Testament" are very instructive! "You do not have to talk much, interrupt the second one. While talking with adults do not use irony, do not accustom the language to obscene words and so on.” Each language is the image of its carrier, of the people and the society that animates it. That is because the reason that the language does not die out is people talking about it. Each historical socio-political situation in one way or another influences the lexicon-terminological system and the spelling of the Azerbaijani language.

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