Dataset Open Access

Observational evidence for the electrification saturation in dust storms

Huan Zhang & Xiaojing Zheng

The measured divergence of the electric field and dust concentration time series (in QLOA) are given in these datasets.

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No.01 dust storm.xlsx md5:378f9edadc96e3b6ec3eb801bd8901d9 578.2 kB Download
No.02 dust storm.xlsx md5:e455bfddb6f83ffd3200a062752e1ab5 674.4 kB Download
No.03 dust storm.xlsx md5:e58201bb3071df606e3afce9436fdfdb 219.1 kB Download
No.04 dust storm.xlsx md5:45334a5b937216a03919f0242d169848 484.5 kB Download
No.05 dust storm.xlsx md5:4ad559c9bb0b1ae030308541163bd907 1.1 MB Download
No.06 dust storm.xlsx md5:a429af1cd8698cc714bd7ea66d191fd9 647.3 kB Download
No.07 dust storm.xlsx md5:d6a0ee8113504c7669a4de67e74f04cb 354.7 kB Download
No.08 dust storm.xlsx md5:f4929cddd36cbef35fc1d7f8e5e3c7dd 726.4 kB Download
No.09 dust storm.xlsx md5:2b02b4ec265d310019126401ccda81b6 573.3 kB Download
No.10 dust storm.xlsx md5:c63cd5cfa7dba29ab08b4951080b37c9 726.9 kB Download
No.11 dust storm.xlsx md5:9a47f9cc6b2679d03256fc1353ccaa9d 621.2 kB Download
No.12 dust storm.xlsx md5:c042e12f035dc5f81b96357a9e6bc52e 356.8 kB Download
No.13 dust storm.xlsx md5:5fea8d0c5f2b0ea3b7364776535aaf51 832.4 kB Download
No.14 dust storm.xlsx md5:a8496668294ec9555a149b0a2cfbc817 142.8 kB Download
No.15 dust storm.xlsx md5:bfa340fe3a24339855f1892722a61674 857.9 kB Download


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