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The interrelation of metaphors and metonymies in sign systems of visual art: An example analysis of works by V. I. Surikov

Somov, Georgij Y.-U.

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    <title>The interrelation of metaphors and metonymies in sign systems of visual art: An example analysis of works by V. I. Surikov</title>
    <date dateType="Issued">2013-01-22</date>
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    <description descriptionType="Abstract">The interrelation of metaphors and metonymies is manifested in non-verbal sign systems of visual art in various forms: in the fundamental intentions of the works, in the forming of the works' concepts, and in the sign systems of the texts. The systematicity of the interrelations between metaphors and metonymies on these levels can be revealed through the analysis of works by great masters of visual art from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In this essay, Surikov's art serves an example. The metonymies of an intentional character appeared in his mind in his youth and were later realized in the ideas of his fundamental works, in their connections with various metaphors, in the composition of the works, and in various sign systems related to them. These connections are manifested in systems of differences
and identities in layers of denotations and connotations. These systems are connected by common organizing structures that allow the sign formations of metaphors and metonymies to emerge.

Keywords: metaphor; metonymy; denotation; connotation; visual art; Vasily I. Surikov</description>
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